Darna Hydroelectric Project

In late 2006, IHDC was awarded the Darna Hydroelectric Plant through a competitive bid by the Government of Maharashtra Water Resources Department.

The plant is located in the Aswali Village in the Nashik District of Maharashtra. The Darna Masonry Dam was constructed on the Darna River of the Godavari Basin in the year 1916 with additional improvements in 1975. The Darna Dam has a catchment area of 404 sq. km. (156 sq. miles). Three storage sections, i.e. Bham, Bhavali, and Waki, were developed by the state within the catchment area.

Based on a detailed project report that was commissioned, the plant’s optimum capacity was determined to be in the order of 4.90 MW. In order to best utilize the water available from irrigation releases and to maximize the amount of power produced by the plant, it was suggested that the plant consists of 2 units of 2.45 MW each. Power from the plant is evacuated through an existing 22kv substation at Wadivarhe through an 11 km long transmission line.

Construction of the project was commenced in 2008 with a commissioning period of 18 months. Total project cost was 282,500,000 Rs or US$7,062,500.




Clean Energy, Local and State Governments


Maharashtra, India