Deerfield Storage Facility Phase 2 Cell

ArcelorMittal requested DLZ be the design engineer and construction quality assurance (CQA) team for the Deerfield Storage Facility (DSF) Type I Restricted Waste Landfill cell addition. The DLZ engineering department in Burns Harbor confidently took on this project without reservation. They, then, successfully completed the DSF Phase 2 Cell project in January of 2020.

Although many issues arose during the design and construction of this critical environmental project for ArcelorMittal, the DLZ team addressed all of them to bring this $12 million capital project to successful completion on time and within budget. ArcelorMittal is satisfied with the engineering and construction services provided by DLZ for the Phase 2 Cell project.

Given the number of staff who worked on the Deerfield Storage Facility, DLZ can be proud of the work that was done managing this project and locking in DLZ on engineering design and construction CQA for the Phase 1 Cell closure project. This project also was a catalyst for restarting the material testing department at the Burns Harbor office.

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