Brownfield Demolition and Redevelopment in MI, IN and OH

DLZ shares in the responsibility of all communities, industries, and governments to safeguard public health and the environment. We have provided various demolition and brownfield redevelopment services to public entities throughout the states of Michigan, Indiana and Ohio. Facility types include healthcare facilities; commercial, manufacturing and industrial facilities; schools; public housing facilities; and other public and private building types. In demolition and brownfield redevelopment, services provided by DLZ  range from environmental, water management to architectural which include

  • Remedial investigations to abatement and debris/waste removal
  • Sub-surface and soil investigations
  • Groundwater monitoring
  • Utility abandonment
  • Site restoration

From this work, DLZ has acquired an extensive knowledge base on current federal, state, and local regulations affecting the environment. and the re-use of contaminated and vacant sites. By utilizing cost-effective and innovative approaches that focus on risk-based solutions and the proposed end-use of the site, DLZ has been able to provide our clients with workable solutions to the environmental and re-use challenges that they face.

DLZ has also developed a Performance-Based Lump-Sum Contract Approach for demolition and redevelopment projects that focuses on the minimization of unforeseen conditions, selective transfer of liability/risk, and stable project costs. Through our multidisciplinary approach to these projects, our professionals have provided practical solutions to complex and costly decommissioning and demolition projects.




Local and State Governments


Columbus, Ohio