Douglas Road/Twyckenham Drive Roundabout Design

The University of Notre Dame hired DLZ to prepare a traffic study and Engineer’s Report to investigate the closure and/or relocation of Juniper Road, which runs through the eastern half of the campus. The traffic study included analysis of impacts that a proposed Juniper Road closure would have on the network surrounding the campus and to recommend roadway improvements that could mitigate potential negative impacts. After an extensive public involvement process undertaken by the University, a preferred alternative was selected, which included construction of a roundabout and a new road.

DLZ was retained by the University for the final design and all construction documents for the modern roundabout, as well as the complete Campus Roads projects. This included plans, profiles, signing, pavement marking, drainage, and maintenance of traffic during construction. The roundabout intersection consisted of three approaches with dual lane entries. An important aspect of the design was the pedestrian safety.

Being adjacent to the University of Notre Dame, there are a significant number of pedestrians and bicyclists that cross both the roadways. Special signing plans were developed to prohibit pedestrians, especially the bicyclists, from entering the roundabout. Instead, they were directed to a proposed 10-foot wide asphalt multi-use trail that runs on the west side of Twyckenham Drive and on the north side of Douglas Road.

This roundabout was opened to traffic during the summer of 2006 and has resulted in very favorable public opinion. This project was completed within the University’s original budget and schedule.




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