Downtown Sewer Separation and Drainage Study

Valparaiso City Utilities retained DLZ to study and evaluate alternatives for sewer separation and flood control in the downtown area. This area is generally bound by Canadian National Railroad on its northern side; Morgan and Franklin streets on the eastern side; Norfolk Southern Railroad on its southern side; and the wastewater treatment plant and Campbell Street on the western side. The study and final report included the following major elements:

  • Review of existing information including previous surveys, studies, and construction projects
  • Review of existing watersheds and hydrologic parameters
  • Identified areas of concern in regards to high flooding frequency and/or severity of flooding
  • Hydrologic and hydraulic analysis of future separated storm sewer networks
  • Surveyed critical existing sewers that would cross future storm sewer networks to identify potential conflicts
  • Provided recommended “short-term” projects to alleviate localized flooding issues
  • Provided recommended projects for partial and complete sewer separation of the study area
  • Identified the number of stormwater inlets that can be removed from the sanitary (combined) system with each recommended project and determined that approximately 500 inlets can be removed with complete sewer separation
  • Provided preliminary opinion of probable construction costs for each recommended project. Total costs estimated for complete sewer separation and detention alternatives exceeded $45 million.
  • Provided recommended stormwater outlet locations and alternatives for detention.




Local and State Governments


Valparaiso, Indiana