East Franklinton Improvements

DLZ is leading an integrated infrastructure master planning project to redevelop the City of Columbus’ oldest neighborhood, East Franklinton. This redevelopment is a major focus for the continued revitalization of downtown and the surrounding communities. The project includes master planning for future development, traffic, parking, mobility, and underground utilities, such as water, sewer, and power for more than 200 acres of urban neighborhood. It also includes a condition assessment of roadways, sidewalks, and sewer networks, and the generation of a future traffic model based on projected land use and future development.

The flood wall and associated storm and sanitary pump stations protect the East Franklinton Area. A collection system in the area must provide adequate flood protection. The flow to the pump stations must remain within the set design parameters, to avoid lengthy US Army Corp of Engineers review process.

The collection system in the area will be completely separated. The flow redirection is complicated by the limited capacity of the flood wall storm pump stations. To accommodate ongoing development and avoid significant upgrades of the stormwater pump station, DLZ evaluated a phased approach to the collection system separation. DLZ utilized system modeling for storm and sanitary collection systems to review different development scenarios with various densities.

The utilization of green infrastructure for stormwater control is part of the plan for complete street design. It includes streetscapes with trees, rain gardens, pervious curbs and pavement, and various approaches to stormwater harvesting.

The master plan recommends installing over 2,200 feet of 42- and 72-inch storm sewer segments in Rich and McDowell streets. These sewers were constructed in Phase 2 in 2019. The design and construction schedule for Phase 2 and Phase 3 was accelerated to accommodate the development of major mixed-use projects on Rich Street.

Sanitary sewer lines ranging in size from 8- to 48-inch were physically inspected, televised, and modeled. Most will be either lined or replaced. That includes over 4,000 feet of 24″x36″ and 36″X48″ egg-shaped brick sewers.

Water infrastructure for this area will be replaced entirely in three phases, following development patterns. The first phase of construction will replace 2,000 feet of 16-inch waterline on Broad Street and several 8-inch lines. The second phase installed 1,100 feet of an 8-inch waterline in Rich and McDowell and lowered a 36-inch waterline with a new valve. And the third phase will replace the remaining 10,000 feet of water lines to accommodate ongoing and future development.




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