Eaton County Courthouse ADA Compliance Review

Eaton County appointed DLZ to review ADA compliance at the Eaton County Courthouse. The evaluation included all public areas within and outside the courthouse, as well as limited employee-only common use areas, including restrooms, entrances, and break rooms.

The Eaton County Courthouse facility included

  • Three floor levels, with separate entrances for employees and the public
  • Seven courtrooms/hearing rooms
  • Jury rooms with restrooms
  • Multiple meeting and conference rooms including the County Board of Commissioners board room
  • Public and employee restrooms on all levels
  • Holding cells
  • Office areas with public waiting rooms and service counters
  • Employee break rooms

DLZ prepared a detailed report documenting our findings that included recommendations for alterations to provide accessibility to all required areas, with priority and cost estimates provided to assist the client in making informed decisions about the alterations and phasing.


ADA Compliance Assistance, Facility Accessibility Assessment


Justice, Local and State Governments


Charlotte, Michigan