Projects Architecture

Elkhart County Correctional Complex

Elkhart, Indiana

In the fall of 2003, DLZ was retained to complete the architectural programming and prepare the Master Plan for a new, $187,000,000 correctional complex to be located on an 80-acre site two miles south of Elkhart, Indiana. The correctional facility assessment study completed earlier in the year, identified the need for 1,660 inmate beds by the year 2012. The correctional philosophy behind the design focuses on inmate programs aimed at reduction of recidivism.

In mid-October, 2003 the programming workshops commenced. The final Master Plan presented in January 2004 proposes a closed campus design solution. Phase I of the project provides a Core Services Building, that includes an intake and processing unit, a medical unit, an institutional kitchen and laundry, video visitation and jail administrative space; a Minimum-Medium Custody Unit that provides 768 beds in twelve 8-man cell blocks and dorms; a Maximum Custody Jail unit with 168 beds in five 24-bed cell blocks; a central Utility Power Plant Building and a Warehouse and Maintenance Building. Roofing design documents were prepared for Phase I consisting of approximately 415,890 GSF for all buildings.

Scope of services also included the design of a sewage system, including a sewage collection system, sewage grinding and a duplex pumping submersible station. Water distribution design included 5,680 LFT of 12” water main and 5,700 feet of 12” domestic water service piping as well as an external fire protection loop which included a surface water intake structure, a dual use 60” diameter fire protection/cooling water intake pipe, pumping station and a 12” fire protection loop.

Design also included a piping distribution and a new central chilled water system for the 1,000,000 S.F. campus. The total capacity is 2,000 tons utilizing water-cooled equipment, connected to a lake for condenser water. The chilled water distribution system was run through a utility tunnel and roof utility corridor to different penthouses throughout the campus. A primary/secondary pumping system was utilized. As part of the tunnel design, future breakout panels were incorporated for future expansion of the correctional complex.

Various site development elements included site parking and vehicular circulation, public plaza design, outdoor employee spaces, campus perimeter buffering, storm water system utilizing natural systems, planting and irrigation, and wetland protection and enhancement.

The estimated project cost of Phase I is approximately $95,000,000. Construction for Phase I commenced in July 2004 and completed in 2007.

Phase II proposes a new 320-bed Work Release Building and a new 72-bed Juvenile Detention Center. Phase III proposes expansion of the Phase II Work Release with an additional 320-beds and construction of the Juvenile Services Center to provide space for Courts and probation staff. Phase IV will provide a Law Enforcement Building for the Administrative, Investigative and Warrants Divisions of the Sheriff’s Department and a Fleet Maintenance Building for vehicle radio setup and repair.

The site has been master planned to accommodate an additional expansion, including a 768-bed Minimum-Medium Custody Adult Unit, two additional 168-bed Maximum Custody Adult Units that will provide an additional 336 maximum custody beds and two 24-bed bed juvenile detention housing units. If all of the planned build-out occurs in accordance with the master plan, the complex will provide 2,680 adult beds and 120 juvenile beds and all required support services.