Traffic Data Collection for the State of Illinois

The Illinois Department of Transportation chose DLZ to perform their annual traffic data collection program. DLZ had to conduct on-call traffic studies and data collection at intersection and expressway locations in District One on an as-needed basis.  The project scope included conducting origin-destination (O/D) studies, occupancy studies, and accident studies. We also performed other special category studies as requested by the Department.  The program includes three consecutive contracts that, when grouped, cover five Districts across the state.

DLZ manages multiple field crews to conduct 24-hour roadway counts with road tubes, NC-300/NC-350 Hi-Stars, and Miovision cameras. It is operating in this space since 2014 and at more than 18,000 locations. We also assisted the Department with the preparation of Crash Data Packages and performing crash data retrieval. Other tasks where DLZ assisted the Department were checking police reports, tabulations, and collision diagrams for accuracy and conformity.

DLZ’s in-house equipment includes MioVision cameras, Jamar Boards, GPS transponders, and Lidar Guns.  We have performed several District-wide manual count projects for IDOT, and all have been completed on time. In addition, all the projects have a greater than 99% count accuracy rate.

DLZ has written custom software to check the field data for errors and process the traffic data into IDOT’s needed GIS and database formats. DLZ, an ESRI certified solution provider, has implemented an ArcGIS-based workflow that has streamlined scheduling, tracking, and field data collection, reducing errors
and improving safety.




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