Projects Architecture

Franklin County Corrections Center

Columbus, Ohio

DLZ was selected by the Franklin County, Ohio Board of Commissioners to design the new $175 million, 430,000 square-foot Franklin County Corrections Center on the west side of Columbus, Ohio. With an emphasis on redefining rehabilitation and incorporating more space for programming and mental health treatment, the new facility incorporates the latest jail design philosophies and will be built to utilize the Direct Supervision model of inmate supervision. The Franklin County Corrections Center is scheduled to open late 2019 and will replace the current Franklin County jail on Jackson Pike.

Board of Commissioners president John O’Grady said “It’s a piece of county-owned infrastructure that will serve the residents of Franklin County for 50 years or more, and it will be such an improvement for staff and inmates, as well as for the community, over the old facility which is well past due for replacement.”

DLZ was also commissioned by the Franklin County Board of Commissioners in 2009 to develop an assessment of the two existing county jail facilities and make recommendations to reduce current and future jail bed needs, and also to improve and establish programs that would enhance the criminal justice system overall. The study analyzed more than 900,000 inmate records from 1989 through 2008 to gain an understanding of who was in jail, understand how the inmate population has changed, provide insight into the current criminal justice system, determine the types and use of existing facilities and programs that will be needed in the future. Our assessment is the foundation for the Franklin County Corrections Facility.