Freedom Bridge at Delphi, Indiana across Hoosier Heartland

The City of Delphi was fortunate to obtain the Freedom Bridge, which was originally built in 1897, dismantled and then reconstructed in 2002. Originally meant for Conner Prairie, the bridge found its location at Delphi, Indiana. Now, it forms the new connecting link for the historic Monon Trail. The development of the Hoosier Heartland Highway (SR 25) had cut the trail. Hence, the 302-foot bridge found its new resting place spanning the highway. Also, it brings a bit of history into the surrounding agricultural historic district.

The Federal Transportation Enhancement and “Major Moves” offered combined funding for the project. The bridge has a thru truss reconstruction design for pedestrian loading. In addition, it has subdued lighting which highlights the structure for the public traveling on SR 25. Also incorporated into the design are plazas located at each end of the bridge. These plazas provide limestone blocks seating and signage to tell the historical story of the bridge and the significance of the Monon Trail.

Landscape Architectural Features:

Plazas anchor both ends of Freedom Bridge at Delphi, serving trail users and the Delphi community.

The original stone abutment, relocated from the original construction site form the limestone monolith benches and select pieces of the masonry signs. Also, landscape plantings and low maintenance native grasses and wildflowers accentuate the plazas and provide edge definition.

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