Cleveland Water Department – General Engineering Services X

The City of Cleveland’s Division of Water (CWD) is a major regional utility, supplying water to more than 1.5 million residents in Cuyahoga, Medina, Summit, Geauga, and Lake counties. Cleveland Water Department services approximately 400,000 retail accounts in the city and 63 suburbs. CWD sells water on a wholesale basis to five suburban communities continuously, and to five other communities on an emergency or temporary basis. The Cleveland water system consists of nine hydraulic districts covering an area of 620 square miles and includes 5,200 miles of water mains and four major treatment facilities.

DLZ provided general engineering services to the Cleveland Water Department. Twenty thousand hours were allocated for this multiyear indefinite-delivery contract, which is being performed on a task order basis. Tasks can require services such as design, plan review, planning, studies, project, and construction monitoring, inspection, environmental site assessments, identification of surface and subsurface conditions, preparation of reports for regulatory agencies, specialized technical assistance, and project management, construction administration, and field services.

DLZ has been issued 13 task orders to date. Several task orders involved DLZ providing staffing to supplement CWD’s staff in various departments. Examples of the staffing supplied include:

  • A Class IV Water Treatment Plant Operator to manage the Nottingham Water Treatment Plant.
  • A Staff Engineer to train young Civil Engineers and to assist with the preparation of a Construction Inspection Manual.
  • Two Construction Inspectors to supplement City staff on miscellaneous construction projects.
  • An Emergency Electrical Engineer on an on-call basis.

ARC Flash Analysis Update

This task generally includes an update of the existing ARC flash analysis and further consists of the following:

  • Review and update ARC flash incident energy calculations
  • Update one-line electrical schematics
  • Update NFPA 70E warning labels on electrical equipment

These services will be provided at 19 locations within CWD’s service area.

Condition Assessment Study of Back-Up Generators for the Cleveland Water Department

This task involves assisting CWD to assess the back-up generators, associated controls, and emissions to acquire permits for continuous use such as for Demand Curtailment and Peak Shaving.

CWD’s large generators are not permitted for continuous use and cannot be used for demand curtailment. CWD wishes to ascertain that the proper emission control technology is applied and tests conducted such that air discharge permits are secured to allow unrestricted generator use.

  • Conduct condition assessment on all CWD generators.
  • Determine required emission control and monitoring upgrades.
  • Determine required repairs and rehabilitation, including all APC generator controls at all listed CWD facilities.
  • Prepare a detailed report.
  • Provide preliminary engineering design to allow for budgetary cost estimating and performance-based specifications to allow for a bid of upgrades on time such that the demand curtailment RFP may be rewarded.
  • Provide construction engineering support for generator repairs, contract execution, and permit testing.
  • Assist in evaluating Demand Curtailment RFP.

Water Audit Phase II for the Cleveland Water Department

This task is to provide complete water balance calculations for the entire CWD system, including:

  • Measure Water Supplied
  • Quantity Billed Authorized Consumption
  • Calculate Non-revenue Water
  • Quantify Unbilled Authorized Consumption, Overall Water Losses, Apparent Losses, and Real Losses
  • Assign/Determine the Costs of Both Apparent and Real Losses
  • Calculate Performance Indicators, including Infrastructure Leakage Index
  • Validate All Data and Compile Total Water Balance
  • Prepare and Issue A Comprehensive Water Audit Reports

1201 Lakeside Chiller Replacement Design

The following task includes the chiller replacement design at CWD’s headquarters facility and involves MEP design services. The design work consists of the Chiller Replacement MEP Engineering, a brief feasibility assessment for VFD replacement and incorporation, including drawings and specifications, and bid and construction phase services.

Plan Review and Permits and Sales Database Assessment

The CWD has been using the combination of a Paradox database with Microsoft Access database to manage the Plan Review and Permits and Sales departments’ plan review steps and service connections application and approval processes. CWD wishes to improve upon these tools with a new software solution that simplifies processes, minimizes data duplication and paper records, and provides improved records management and workflow processes. This task order includes the following:

  • Determine Standard Operating Procedures Documentation
  • Determine the Functional Needs
  • Facilitate Vendor Presentations and Feasibility Assessments
  • Produce a Draft and Final Report with recommendations

Richfield Water Tower

This task order consists of designing a 1 MG elevated spheroid water tank to be constructed in Richfield, Ohio. Approximately 1,000 feet of access roadway reconstruction and site utility extensions will be required to access the water tank structure from Brecksville Road. The design includes site work including the access road, site utilities, tank features, flow meter, and altitude valve facilities, water main connecting tank to the transmission main in Brecksville Road, permits, SCADA, instrumentation, and controls and electrical and mechanical features.

Asset Management Compliance

The CWD is under new requirements through the state of Ohio’s Asset Management Rules as detailed in OAC sections 3745-81-02, 3745-87-01 through 3745-87-05, 3745-92-02, 3745-92-03, and 3745-92-05.  Through discussions with CWD, it has been made known that they will need assistance in preparing the Asset Management Plan in compliance with these new requirements by the state deadline. The level of effort to complete the asset management plan and recommendation for a roadmap for further implementation is based on the following:

  • Kick-off Workshop/Data Gathering
  • Asset Inventory and Hierarchy
  • Level of Service/Performance Measures
  • Condition and Risk Assessment Workshops
  • CIP and O&M Funding
  • AM Assessment and Implementation Roadmap
  • Asset Management Program Plan

Port Authority Sheet Piling Design Review

This task consists of providing a design review of a proposed design of a new sheet piling system that the Port Authority intends to install above and around a CWD raw water intake tunnel and to provide monitoring during construction. The scope of services consists of the following:

  • Review existing record drawings of the intake tunnel.
  • Review proposed design including drawings, specifications, monitoring requirements during construction, and any pertinent calculations and provided comments concerning any potential adverse impacts on the intake tunnel.
  • During construction, review all contractor shop drawings, including proposed installation procedures for the sheet Piling and proposed monitoring plan.
  • Review monitoring reports during construction to ensure compliance with specified requirements.
  • Witness underwater dive inspection before and after sheet pile wall construction. The port authority will hire underwater divers.
  • Review and evaluate the Diver’s Inspection Reports and provide recommendations.




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