GLWA Program Delivery Program Management Services

DLZ was selected by the Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA) for the GLWA Program Delivery Program Management Services project. Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA), the Southeast Michigan Regional Water and Sewer Authority, is undertaking an extensive rehabilitation and reconstruction of its water and sewer infrastructure. GLWA plans to invest 600 million dollars over the next five years. This Program Management opportunity aggressively addresses deficiencies in its systems.

DLZ partnered with AECOM as a subconsultant, providing leadership for the design effort, as well as administrative and vital construction management support.

DLZ is providing a lead role on two major project tasks:

Task 7 – Engineering and Construction Staff Augmentation

Providing project administration for the CIP projects and assistance services during all phases of the project including planning, bidding and award, construction, and project close-out.

Task 9 – GLWA Supplemental Department Staff Augmentation

Providing staff augmentation for non-CIP specific departments outside of Engineering and Construction including Finance, Procurement, IT, and Organizational Development.

DLZ is pleased to be a part of GLWA Program Delivery Program Management improvements to its systems.


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