Hazelwood Green Infrastructure Development

The Hazelwood Green Infrastructure Development project consisted of 178-acres along the Monongahela River. The project aims to reclaim the previously owned Jones and Laughlin Steel Company Industrial Plant and reinvent the site as a sustainably developed area to host various manufacturing, housing, retail, and office spaces. During construction, DLZ staff inspected the installation of water drainage, new public roads, parking, and a public plaza.

New construction incorporated many green infrastructure features as part of this brownfield remediation project. DLZ construction inspectors monitored work completed, documented pay items, inspected placement of soil and asphalt, developed as-built drawings, documented contractors progress, and attended meetings with project stakeholders.

Various items inspected included subbase and asphalt placement for roadways and parking lots, stamped concrete crosswalks, concrete sidewalks, ADA ramps, slip formed concrete curbs, electric car charging stations, electrical lighting systems, manhole and catch basin inlet installation, installation and backfill of new drainage, green stormwater infrastructure features, as well as relocation and installation of new utilities. DLZ performed all inspection to specifications and composed construction reports daily.


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