I-64 Sherman-Minton Bridge over Ohio River, Bridge Rehabilitation

The I-64 Sherman-Minton Bridge Design-Build project consists of performing major rehabilitation work to this 60 plus-year-old structure. During a scheduled routine inspection in 2015, severe deterioration discovered resulted in the shut down of this structure for traffic until the satisfactory repairs of the damage. This event prompted an immediate study and subsequent development of preliminary plans to perform extensive rehabilitation of the structure to provide another 30 years of life. The rehabilitation plan includes, as a minimum, the following tasks as they relate to both the main and approach spans:

  • Replace the existing hangers on the main span arch
  • Overlay and or replace concrete decks
  • Replace deck joints with specially designed link slabs, where possible
  • Replace old rocker and fixed bearing devices
  • Repair or replace damaged and deteriorated superstructure elements
  • Repair deteriorated substructure elements
  • Paint steel superstructures

Working alongside The Kokosing Design-Build Team, on the I-64 Sherman-Minton bridge rehabilitation project, DLZ – Kentucky’s contribution would be towards the design effort. It includes the development of structure rehabilitation plans for the approaches to the main river crossing on both the Indiana and Kentucky sides of the Ohio River. Additionally, DLZ worked with Jacobs Engineering to develop a plausible Maintenance of Traffic Plan, including modeling and traffic flow volumes and patterns for all phases of traffic maintenance throughout the construction period. Lastly, DLZ will be managing with all utilities and railroad coordination, as well as all public information and involvement.




Local and State Governments


Multistate, Kentucky