I-69 Section 5 Reconstruction

DLZ led the design and construction inspection for I-69 Section 5 Reconstruction, an INDOT project. This new I-69 corridor between Evansville and Indianapolis is vitally important to economic growth and mobility for southwestern Indiana. The interstate helps bring jobs and improve access to healthcare and education to those throughout the region and entire State of Indiana.

Section 5 begins south of Bloomington in Monroe County at SR 37 and continues northward for approximately 21 miles to SR 39 on the south side of Martinsville in Morgan County. The project included the conversion of the existing SR-37 with several at-grade crossings to a limited access interstate quality highway. The project involved reconstructing twenty-one (21) miles of mainline pavement with added travel lanes in key locations. The conversion entailed the construction or reconstruction of about thirty (30) bridges. Also included was the construction or reconstruction of interchanges at key locations. Construction, along the s-lines at the interchanges, included both roundabout and signalized intersections.

The project was originally organized and financed as a Public Private Partnership (P3). In August 2017, the project was transitioned to an INDOT-sponsored design-build structure. Throughout the project, DLZ’s role was to support the construction oversight teams and to complete roadway design, bridge, and small structure design, drainage design, and utility coordination, and establish traffic maintenance plans. Design teams worked to finalize preliminary plans with input from field construction personnel in a design-build environment.

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