Water Main Design, Indiana American Water Company (IAWC)

DLZ provided project management and design for approximately 75,000 feet (14 miles) of large diameter water main and water main replacement projects in Gary, Hobart, Porter County, Kokomo, and West Lafayette. Many of these projects were designed and constructed in Indiana — America’s largest district with several hundred thousand customers. Multiple state highway and railroad permit applications were required. Large diameter (greater than 12-inches in diameter) include:

  • 2020 Large Diameter Projects (6th and 7th avenues, Madison and Jefferson streets) – 32,000 feet of 16- to 24-inch; open cut in an urban setting
  • Gary (along 13th and 11th avenues) – 8,500 feet of 36-inch, 1,600 feet of 20-inch; open cut in an urban setting
  • West Lafayette (along SR 26 and Lindberg Road) – 12,000 feet of 16-inch; horizontal directional drill and open-cut; auto-flush units
  • Hobart (along US 30 and through Westwood Mall) – 10,000 feet of 20-inch; open cut and horizontal directional drill in an urban setting; appraisals, easement acquisition, and other right-of-way services
  • Gary (49th Avenue) – 3,000 feet of 20-inch; open cut in an urban setting
  • Porter County (Oak and Howe Road) – 3,500 feet of 16-inch open cut, horizontal direction drill, and bore and jack
  • Kokomo (Carter, Ohio, Sycamore Streets) – 3,500 feet of 30-inch open cut

Smaller diameter water main projects (less than or equal to 12-inches in diameter):

  • 2020 Projects in Conjunction with Large Diameter Projects (Rhode Island, Vermont, Maryland, Jefferson, Lincoln, Taft Alleys and Georgia, VanBuren, Massachusetts, and Johnson streets) – 30,500 feet
  • Chesterton, Indiana (Broadway, 3rd, 21st, and 6th streets, Porter Avenue) — 4,500 feet
  • Gary, Indiana (10th Street Alley, 4th, 23rd, and 43rd avenues, Lake Street, Miller Avenue, Ohio Street, Osage Avenue, Garfield Avenue) — 10,700 feet
  • Hobart, Indiana (2nd, 3rd, Hickey, Sandusky, and VanBuren streets) — 8,200 feet
  • Portage, Indiana (Boulder Avenue, Cottonwood Mobile Park, Lakewood Avenue Alley, Lute, and Old Porter roads, Stone and Tulip avenues, Willowdale Road) — 21,800 feet
  • Porter, Indiana (Franklin Street) — 1,800 feet
  • Porter County (South Haven), Indiana (Coventry, Eagle Creek, Fremont, Governor, and Juniper roads, LaHonda Drive, McCool Road, Pinewood Drive) — 22,200 feet
  • Kokomo, Indiana (LaFountain Street) — 3,000 feet
  • Merrillville, Indiana (Johnson and Pierce streets) — 2,500 feet
  • Muncie, Indiana (Kirby, Riley, and University streets) — 6,200 feet
  • Richmond, Indiana (North and Olive streets) — 2,100 feet
  • Warsaw, Indiana (Columbia and Maple streets, Winona Avenue, Washington Street) — 5,100 feet
  • Winchester, Indiana (West Street) — 1,000 feet




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