Indianapolis Airport Authority Demolition of Old Terminal

The Indianapolis Airport Authority retained DLZ to prepare plans and specifications and provide construction administration. The scope of the project included demolition and asbestos abatement of the former Indianapolis International Airport terminal facilities. The facilities consisted of more than 700,000 square feet of building space. This included tunnel abatement/demolition, utility abandonment, backfill, compaction, and site restoration.

Originally taken out of service in 2008, the former terminal facilities consisted of the main terminal, four concourses, and a six-story administration building. This space remains within the Indianapolis Airport Operation Area. Also, the project included the removal of the former jet fuel bulk farm consisting of two 50,000 gallon underground storage tanks (USTs) and a 20,000-gallon spill containment UST. Additionally, demolition included the old glycol wash station, a concrete blast wall, and a concrete apron. Elevated roadways and retaining walls, two pedestrian bridges, and two elevated roadway bridges connecting the upper terminal drive to an existing parking garage structure were also removed. However, the current parking garage at IAA remained untouched throughout the project.

Finally, DLZ completed the evaluation, protection, and replacement of the stormwater system. We conducted a condition assessment to determine the structural integrity of the infrastructure. When possible, the team protected and replaced storm sewers that were in poor condition or that compromised the ability to complete demolition activities.




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