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I-71/I-670 Design Build (Columbus Crossroads)

Columbus, Ohio

DLZ is performing construction inspection, record keeping and documentation for the design-build of the new I-71/I-670 Interchange within the City of Columbus. The scope of work includes the inspection and documentation of the work performed by the Design-Build Team (DBT).

This $200 million project features the construction of 22 bridges (including two fly-over bridges and a one-of-a-kind cap with a cultural wall), 28 retaining walls, 4,000+ feet of 54” storm sewer micro tunneling, and roadway reconstruction along 29 alignments.

DLZ is monitoring the construction work and representing ODOT at all mandatory quality inspection checkpoints. DLZ provides assurance for overall contract compliance as it relates to the acceptance of materials, construction workmanship, self-inspection by the DBT, independent verification by the Independent Quality Firm (IQF), and complete project documentation primarily through the use of electronic tablets and Share Point.  DLZ is also assisting ODOT with claims analysis, including participation in regular Dispute Resolution Board (DRB) meetings.

DLZ’s experienced staff is fully integrated with the ODOT Team and works proactively with District and Central Office Officials to satisfy the current project requirements and to improve existing quality control tracking systems, while developing new ones for future design build projects.