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Joyce Avenue Phase II & 17th Avenue Improvements

Columbus, Ohio

The Joyce Avenue Project has a two-fold purpose: 1) Reconstruction of Joyce Avenue (Twelfth Avenue to Kenmore Road-6,255 feet) and Seventeenth Avenue (Billiter Avenue to east of Joyce Avenue, plus sidewalk/multi-use path on Seventeenth from Joyce Avenue to Brentnell Avenue-6,045 feet); 2) Study Seventeenth Avenue to determine needed storm sewer and provide design services.  The Joyce Avenue/Seventeenth Avenue roadways lack pedestrian facilities and there are considerable drainage problems.

The final design blends solutions for roadway issues and storm water issues.  Project success was achieved through early and ongoing communications with the stakeholders, utilities and the City agencies; a proactive approach that kept the City staff updated and actively involved; active stakeholder involvement; and meeting schedule milestones.

The engineering elements included a traffic analysis, utility coordination, and implementing the complete streets/multi-modal elements.  However, the roadway system had to be able to handle the large tucks that are prevalent due to the businesses in the area.  With the existing surface flooding and poor drainage for the area, an extensive storm water study was performed.