Joyce Avenue Phase II & 17th Avenue Improvements

The Joyce Avenue Improvements Project is a joint effort between the City of Columbus’ Department of Public Service and Department of Public Utilities. This project has a two-fold purpose:

  1. Reconstruction of Joyce Avenue (Twelfth Avenue to Kenmore Road-6,255 feet) and Seventeenth Avenue (Billiter Avenue to the east of Joyce Avenue, plus sidewalk/multi-use path on Seventeenth from Joyce Avenue to Brentnell Avenue-6,045 feet)
  2. Study Seventeenth Avenue to determine the storm sewer nee and provide design services.  The Joyce Avenue/Seventeenth Avenue roadways lack pedestrian facilities and there are considerable drainage problems.

The final design blends solutions for roadway issues and stormwater issues. The project was a success owing to early and ongoing communications with the stakeholders, utilities, and the City agencies; a proactive approach that kept the City staff updated and actively involved; active stakeholder involvement; and meeting schedule milestones.

The engineering elements include traffic analysis, utility coordination, and implementing the complete streets/multi-modal elements. The final design included complete reconstruction of the roadway with a new three-lane section that includes a new curb and gutter, a multi-purpose pathway along the west side of the roadway, and a sidewalk along the east side. Various other utility improvements for water, sanitary, power, and technology were included in the project.


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