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Juday Creek Wellfield and Water Treatment Plant

Mishawka, Indiana

This 8.2 MGD water treatment plant will remove arsenic, iron, and manganese. Backwash water will also be treated prior to discharge into Juday Creek. The treatment plant is prepared to expand up to 15 MGD.

The water treatment plant will include:

  • Approximately 24,000 square foot building to house all the equipment.
  • Pressure filter room, electrical room, SCADA control room, office, restroom, laboratory, break room, backwash clarifier room, dewatering room, maintenance area, and storage pump.
  • Water treatment equipment, including horizontal pressure filters, backwash air blowers, and four high service pumps.
  • Chemical feed systems include sodium hypochlorite, ferric chloride, orthophosphate, hydrofluoric acid, sodium bisulfite, and polymers.
  • Backwash water treatment, including pressure filters, inclined plate clarifiers and dewatering system.
  • Associated site appurtenances, including a 0.5 MG ground water storage tank, emergency generator, driveway, parking, grading and drainage, grass landscaping, site lighting, potable water service piping, chemical truck offloading containment area, raw water piping from five wells to the building, and access paths to the five wells.
  • Five production wells and well houses, including architectural design and process.
  • Two discharges to Juday Creek (one for stormwater, one for decant discharge)
  • Extensive coordination occurred with Juday Creek Golf Course Staff, the Friends of Juday Creek, the Juday Creek Task Force, and IDEM to complete construction permits for approval.
  • A new lift station design for the plant, connecting to existing forcemain on Veterans Parkway.