Kalamazoo Creamery Demolition, Michigan

DLZ provided a range of environmental services to the Kalamazoo Land Bank Authority for the demolition of the former Kalamazoo Creamery site in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

This phase consisted of visual site reconnaissance and a regulatory database review of hazardous waste generators and contaminated sites. We interviewed the property owner and local government officials. We also conducted a historical records search involving aerial photographs and a cursory review of hydrogeologic/geologic data. In addition, DLZ performed other tasks as part of Phase I, which are as follows –

  • Conducted an asbestos survey of the building and collected samples as appropriate, to characterize Regulated Asbestos-Containing Materials (RACM).
  • Visually inspected and documented the existing structural condition that exists between the two buildings sharing a common wall. This enabled noting issues that may arise in relation to the property due to demolition activities.
  • Performed a boundary survey of the parcel and staked the property.
  • Prepared the Bidding Specifications for the removal and disposal of asbestos and universal wastes, demolition and recycling of structures, and site restoration.
  • DLZ provided full-time oversight of all abatement, demolition, and site restoration activities.
  • DLZ prepared a construction summary report that provided the contractor’s submittals, a summary of all site activities, field reports, and a photographic log.

Phase II Environmental Site Assessment

Secondly, DLZ conducted a Phase II ESA of impacted soil discovered in the former bay area. This area was used for car maintenance and power washing during the demolition of the buildings.

Due Care Plan

Lastly, based on the findings of Phase II ESA, DLZ developed a Due Care Plan for the Client. This was done in order to not exacerbate the problem.





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Kalamazoo, Michigan