Keller II Water Tower Cleveland Water Department

In the City of Brunswick, DLZ provided design and construction administration services for an elevated water storage tank. The project was a part of the Cleveland Water Department’s (CWD) General Engineering Services III and IV Contracts. The Keller II Water Tower, the new water storage tank, would provide additional storage capacity. Consequently, this would address the redundancy and capacity issues in the southwestern portion of CWD’s water distribution system.

The project included a 1.0 MG fluted column steel elevated water storage tank. The tank has all appurtenances for mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, control, and maintenance. In order to, reach the new tank, DLZ set up a six hundred feet of 16-inch water main extension. This extension coupled with a cross-connection to the existing feeder water main enables balancing the flows through the pair of tanks.

The site work included a stormwater detention basin to meet the local requirements for stormwater handling. DLZ also developed and prepared a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) for the project. Although the new tank was located on a parcel containing an existing water storage tank, it required a significant coordination effort with the local planning and zoning officials due to the proximity of a church, school, and residences. Additionally, the project required an upgraded, landscaped access boulevard, along with screening landscaping.

DLZ provided final design, plans, specifications, and prepared contract documents, facilitated local and state government approvals, and provided construction cost estimating.




Local and State Governments


Cleveland, Ohio