KY-1072 Extension (Fidelity Connector)

This project was introduced to provide a new connector from KY 17 just north of I-275 to the Fidelity Investments Campus in Covington, KY. Prior to the opening of the new connector, the campus was accessed only by Magellan Way from KY 16. Once Fidelity announced plans of expansion, it was determined a secondary route was needed to accommodate the added traffic from the anticipated 1,500 new jobs. WMB was responsible for Phase I and Phase II design.

The goal of this route was to bring traffic from KY 17 to either the existing campus on Magellan Way or the new Office Building No. 3 on Crosby Parkway. The connection was accomplished with three routes; one from KY 17 midway up the hill, then one to Magellan Way and one to Crosby Parkway all connected in the middle with a roundabout. There were important design considerations including the mountainous terrain with significant elevation concerns, blue line streams, and bridges over Banklick Creek and CSX Railroad.

The roundabout was an essential part of the access plan for this project, but also a significant safety enhancement due to the type of traffic accessing the facility and circulation pattern critical to traffic flow within the expanded campus. The roundabout fitted into this mountainous section of Kenton County also provided a means of safely controlling speeds to and from the connection with KY 17 as well as a gateway for entering the campus.

To maintain the natural feel of the road, the ditch drainage was designed to use TRM (Turf Reinforced Mat) along with a drop box / storm sewer system to avoid the rock channel lining normally used on steep grades.




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