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KY 152 Over Herrington Lake

Mercer and Garrard Counties, Kentucky

The project involves replacement of the KY 152 Kennedy Mill Bridge over Herrington Lake, constructed in 1924 and spanning 800’ total. The bridge was part of a $7.5 million project to construct the Dix Dam and create Herrington Lake in 1925. Piers 2 and 3 were constructed by the Chicago Chimney Company as hollow concrete shafts prior to the lake being impounded. Herrington Lake has the deepest waters in Kentucky, and two deep-water piers are approximately 190’ and 230’ tall. Shortly after the lake was impounded, the 230’ pier on the Mercer side rose 30” and shifted 12” to the west. Several remediation projects over the years kept the bridge in service.

DLZ is conducting a Bridge Type Study which evaluated 17 bridge types to find the most economical structure and span arrangement. In addition, DLZ was awarded the Final Design for the selected alternative. Stantec provided geotechnical investigations for the new bridge, cut slope in Garrard County and retaining wall in Mercer County.

The final structural design replacing the existing structure is very unique due to the depth of the lake. This challenge required a design solution that included the development of a substructure unit exceeding 250’-0” in total height with approximately 180’-0” being submerged under water and an additional 35’-0” deep rock socked. After its completion it will be the tallest pier submerged in water in the state. The superstructure also included two continuous 350’-0” long WSPC girder spans and a single 121’-5” PCI-beam span.

Walsh Construction was awarded the contract to replace the bridge in April 2017. DLZ is providing additional construction services as needed for this project.