Lake Avenue Lift Station

DLZ provided planning, design, bidding, and construction phases services to relocate the Lake Avenue Lift Station in Michigan City, Indiana. The existing 575 GPM pump station was located beneath the roadway’s parking lane and was not structurally sound to handle vehicular loadings. The project included relocating the lift station to the California Avenue beach parking adjacent to Lake Michigan and construction of a new force main and gravity sanitary sewers.

The parking lot site was redesigned to meet several requirements, including a minimal loss to parking, adequate operations and maintenance access to the pump station, and a new public bathroom facility, sidewalks, and curb ramps. The parking lot was re-graded to convey stormwater into sandy infiltration areas with native dune grass plantings and glacial stone. Drywells and perforated pipes were installed to enhance stormwater storage in the confined infiltration areas.




Local Government/Agencies


Michigan City, Indiana