Lake Shawnee Dam and Spillway Replacement

The Shawnee Hills Property Owners Association selected DLZ to provide the required professional engineering services at Lake Shawnee Dam and Spillway. These services included

  1. Conducting a field observation,
  2. Engineering investigation and testing
  3. Preparing a finding’s report for the existing concrete spillway

The purpose of this work was to document the condition of the existing spillway, provide an opinion on the spillway’s structural integrity, and provide options for addressing spillway deficiencies in need of repair.

Lake Shawnee Dam and Spillway

Lake Shawnee is a private recreational lake reportedly constructed in 1963 by damming a portion of Caesar Creek. The dam and appurtenant structures consist of

  • An earthen dam
  • Open channel concrete spillway
  • Emergency spillway
  • Spillway drop inlet and valve
  • Lake drain drop inlet and valve.

Per DLZ’s observations during the field observation, investigation, and testing included extensive cracking, spalling, and deterioration throughout the concrete spillway, potential voids beneath the concrete spillway, and water seepage exiting the deteriorated concrete spillway slab at various locations.

A seepage evaluation beneath the concrete spillway was part of the investigation. The results of the evaluation indicated that the seepage of water through the soils beneath the spillway was not considered to be a concern. However, the existing concrete spillway was in a state of deterioration, with significant deficiencies. As such, the association authorized DLZ to perform the engineering services associated with the design of a replacement concrete spillway and the slip-lining of the primary spillway pipe and design of a new boat ramp. This scope of work also included the services necessary to assist the association with bidding and awarding the project and also for construction-related testing, inspection, and administrative services.

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