Lakewood Park Solstice Steps

The Lakewood Park Solstice Steps is a landmark project for the City of Lakewood, Ohio. The park provides visitors scenic views of sunsets over Lake Erie and the City of Cleveland Skyline. DLZ provided Construction Administration, Inspection Services, and Quality Assurance Testing for the Lakewood Park Solstice Steps project. Our team provided an ACI-certified Inspector to oversee the construction progress and perform concrete material testing.

The 25-acre park in the middle of the city’s shoreline, was for many decades a construction and demolition debris landfill, and before that, a garbage dump that operated before contemporary landfill regulations. The former landfill had to be cut back and re-graded to achieve the proper slope required for the tiered bench layout. The project team followed the guidelines stated in EPA Rule 13 since the worked removal of solid waste. The project scope included site upgrades to drainage, lighting, sidewalks, asphalt paths, and landscaping.

The firm’s responsibilities included:

  • Full-time inspection
  • On-site engineering
  • Composing daily reports & photography tracking quantities
  • Daily client update
  • Concrete material testing

This project presented various challenges, including solid waste excavation and removal and installing the EPA-mandated two-foot clay cap on a slope atop the landfill. The fast-paced nature of the excavation phase required DLZ’s inspector to immediately approve or reject excavated material as adequate reusable fill or unusable solid waste, which needed to be hauled away off-site.

The new park serves as a regional destination as it is one of the most iconic places to enjoy Lake Erie. It is the choice location for many community events.

Learn more about this signature project thru this short video.


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