Level of Effort Contract Identification, Evaluation, and Remediation of Contaminated Sites Throughout the State of Michigan

DLZ has provided the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality – Environmental Response Division (MDEQ-ERD) with professional environmental services since 1994. DLZ is currently serving as prime contractor to the State of Michigan and is assisting under the new LOE contract awarded in 2008.

Under this contract, DLZ has received new assignments to investigate and restore environmentally contaminated sites in Michigan. In addition, DLZ has continued with ongoing assignments under the previous LOE contract to bring the sites to closure.

DLZ services have included Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Studies, Remedial Design, Bidding Specification Preparation, Construction Oversight, PRP Searches, Cost Recovery, and Emergency Response Action.  Examples of the recent work performed by DLZ include the following projects.

Stan’s Trucking – Emergency response services to the MDEQ-ERD.

Petroleum Specialties, Inc. – a Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study (RI/FS) and remedial action design at an abandoned petroleum processing and bulk storage facility

Crystal Refinery – a feasibility study to ensure that the appropriate remedial system was designed for this site.

Zephyr Naph Sol Refinery  conducted a RI/FS for this Muskegon site including installation of a bioremediation system for treatment of the groundwater and free product recovery.

Anaconda Brass – initial site investigation to identify structural and environmental concerns at this former manufacturing facility in Detroit, Michigan.

National Gypsum – investigation of the extent of Cement kiln dust (CKD) contamination to assess the potential impacts to human health and the environment.

Wurtsmith Air Force Base – provided technical oversight support for environmental investigations including old landfills, leaking underground and aboveground storage tanks, surface spills, and fire training areas.

Fenske Landfill – prepared a Site Closure Plan for this former 150-acre landfill which once accepted hazardous waste and municipal solid waste.

Revere Copper and Brass – performed demolition and removal of site buildings, slabs, underground storage tank, pits and vaults, as well as a remedial investigation.  The cleanup was a part of a larger effort to reclaim urban “Brownfield” sites in the City of Detroit.

Lear Siegler – performed an initial site investigation of this property to identify asbestos, lead-based paint, and various types of organic and heavy metal contamination.

White Lake  Tannery Bay – completed a Concept Design Documentation Report (CDDR) for the remediation of impacted sediments in Tannery Bay of White Lake for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.




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