Lorain Road Viaduct over Rocky River Bridge Inspection, ODOT

DLZ provided annual Element Level, Fracture-Critical inspections of the Lorain Road Viaduct (CUY-10-0869) over the Rocky River and Cleveland Metroparks. Henry Overman and the Ohio Department of Highways designed this beautiful 1,261-foot long bridge in 1934. It is a four-span steel arch bridge that crosses the scenic Rocky River Valley and Metroparks at a height of 120 feet above the valley floor. The structure carries four traffic lanes of traffic on a 64’-8” out-to-out bridge width.

DLZ was responsible for the annual bridge inspections and recommendations for a three-year period. The inspections included access through the interiors of steel box sections for the steel arches and steel pier towers. DLZ utilized the use of Aspen Rental’s mechanical Under Bridge Units to access the exterior portions of the upper portion of the superstructure.  The steel arches and pier towers were climbed.  Coordination with the Ohio DOT and Cleveland Metroparks was ongoing through each of these contracts.

Overall, the Lorain Road Viaduct is in satisfactory condition. ODOT followed up this inspection contract with a rehabilitation contract to evaluate the complete structure by load rating, extensive structural steel repairs to the towers, partial repainting, and rehabilitation of the bridge’s drainage system.




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