Projects Geotechnical

LUC 280-2.96 Maumee River Crossing

Toledo, Ohio

The new Maumee River Crossing Project was part of the widening and replacement of the I-280 connecting route between the Ohio Turnpike and I-75 in Toledo, Ohio.  The project features an elevated bridge approximately 8,700 feet long, extending from north of Seaman Street to the Greenbelt Parkway, including a signature cable-stay, main-span section over the Maumee River.  The cable-stay and elevated bridges were designed by Figg Bridge Engineers of Tallahassee, Florida.

DLZ was responsible for the subsurface investigation for the project as well as the roadway design and surveying services.  The subsurface investigation consisted of 117 borings, many of which extended to depths greater than 100 feet.  At the location of the main pylon in the river, five borings were drilled to bedrock.

The geotechnical engineering for the project included the foundation recommendations for the bridge, as well as the design and construction recommendations for the embankments and roadways on the project.  Of particular note, one of the embankments was to be constructed in a narrow right-of-way over soft, glacial lake deposits.  Because the narrow right-of-way precluded an embankment with flat slopes, a construction procedure using wick drains, wire-faced MSE walls, staged construction, and instrumentation was recommended.