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Lucas Oil Stadium Stormwater Infrastructure

Indianapolis, Indiana

DLZ was selected by HKS, Inc. and the Capital Improvement Board of Managers of Marion County, Indiana to provide various professional services for the new 63,000 seat Lucas Oil Stadium located in downtown Indianapolis.

DLZ provided civil engineering services for this project, including the design of the stormwater drainage system, design of sanitary sewer services, development of the mass excavation plan, setting of preliminary grades to accommodate accessibility requirements, determination of State and local permit requirements, acquisition of State and local permits, and coordination of utilities to be relocated or abandoned.

The project site presented tremendous utility coordination challenges due to the presence of a 102” sanitary sewer interceptor, 96” x 240” twin chamber box culvert, 12” high pressure gas transmission main, and more than 20 fiber optic services crossing the project site.

Due to the City of Indianapolis combined sewer elimination program, eighty percent of the stormwater drainage for the site is routed through an inverted siphon designed to pass beneath the large box culvert bisecting the site.  Stormwater treatment structures were also designed in accordance with local requirements.