Master Planning Services, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Louisville District

DLZ is a subcontractor to Mason & Hanger on an Architect/Engineering Contract to support the Louisville District through 2023. The contract provides Master Planning Services for Military and Civil Works Projects within the Great Lakes and Ohio River Division Mission Boundaries.

Under the contract, Mason & Hanger and its subcontractors may conduct all aspects of Master Planning for DOD installations and bases. The contract will also cover civil works locations, municipalities, cities and counties, and other federal and state agencies.

Services include natural, historic and cultural resource management, sustainable planning, healthy community planning, defensible planning, and capacity planning. In addition, the services will provide area development planning, network planning, form‐based planning, facility standardization, and plan‐based programming. Products of these services can include

  • Vision Plans
  • Plans for Installation Standards and Development Plans
  • Planning studies of Installation Sustainability Assessment, Encroachment Sustainability Planning Studies
  • Planning studies of Compatible Use Zone and Air Installation
  • Real Property Planning and Analysis System support
  • Installation Complex Encroachment Management Plans
  • Plans for Regulating and Implementation
  • Environmental Documentation, Network Plans, and other programming documents

Other services may include infrastructure assessments, DD Form 1391 preparation, planning charrettes, planning feasibility studies, transportation plans, Net Zero Energy Installation Plans, project economic and market analyses, stationing plans, installation design standards, facility utilization surveys, security and anti‐terrorism/force protection studies, life safety improvements, and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Surveys. Additional services may include housing studies, housing community plans, information management master plans, medical master plans, privatization studies, baseline studies, CAD/GIS mapping, CAD/GIS data migration/consolidation, data linkage, database development, database migration/consolidation, data scanning and archiving and code and regulatory comparisons.


Landscape Architecture & Planning


Federal Government


Louisville, Kentucky