MAX Transit New Transportation Facility, Michigan

DLZ provided architectural and engineering services to design and construct a new operations facility for Macatawa Area Express (MAX Transit). This project intended to meet the future transportation system demands of MAX Transit. MAX’s projected growth requires sufficient space to expand the dispatch area and operate 27 buses from a central location.

DLZ worked with a local realtor to identify eight potential sites. The sites needed to be either an existing facility that could be renovated for use or underdeveloped sites ready for new construction. Following the selection of the most advantageous site for the owner, DLZ conducted a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment for the selected property. DLZ subsequently coordinated on a property appraisal and its acquisition.

In order to reduce maintenance and operational costs and increase operational efficiencies, the new facility was designed to accommodate multiple environments under one building structure. These environments include the following:

  • Administration (dispatch, scheduling, transit drivers, and maintenance staff)
  • Vehicle maintenance and repair (future phase)
  • Vehicle storage
  • The indoor vehicle wash bay
  • A paved parking lot for employees and customers

The facility maintenance functions located internally in this facility should increase efficiency, lower operating costs, and provide the capacity for maintenance staff to service additional municipal vehicles.




Local and State Governments


Holland, Michigan