Miami Conservancy District Levee

DLZ geotechnical services included geotechnical evaluation, drilling, analysis and geotechnical recommendations for three phases. For the first phase, DLZ visually evaluated the levees in Middletown, Hamilton, Franklin, Piqua, and Troy, Ohio. DLZ then provided the Miami Conservancy District a report that divided the levees into different sections for analysis, and proposed an exploration plan for each levee section.

In the second phase, DLZ completed 83 soil borings and installed 33 piezometers in Middletown, completed 14 soil borings and installed 11 piezometers in Hamilton, and completed 46 soil borings and installed 24 piezometers in Franklin. Additionally, DLZ completed 30 soil borings and installed 14 piezometers in Piqua and completed 30 soil borings and installed 10 piezometers in Troy.

DLZ analyzed the soil samples and calculated the potential for erosion, seepage, and settlement. DLZ also determined the stability of the levee embankments and foundations. DLZ completed the reports and recommendations necessary for the accreditation of each levee section.




Local and State Governments


Middletown, Ohio