Sprinkle Road Interchange Reconstruction, Michigan DOT

DLZ provided design services for the reconstruction of I-94 at the Sprinkle Road Interchange. The primary purpose of this project was replacing two deteriorated bridges over I-94 with one bridge while upgrading the interchange. This project included two roundabouts and ramp reconstruction. Tasks for the project included

  • Complex roundabout and ramp geometrics and bridge design
  • Design for drainage, municipal utility, and driveway
  • Cost estimates using SAPW
  • Temporary traffic signals, multi-stage maintenance-of-traffic (including CPM and detours)
  • Complex traffic analysis for the Transportation Management Plan (TMP)
  • Ramp superelevations, horizontal and vertical alignments
  • An MSE retaining wall
  • Roundabout and freeway signing and pavement markings
  • Detail grades, and right-of-way plans

The bridge at the Sprinkle Road Interchange involved a severe skew angle which was a significant challenge. Extremely long oversize trucks that transport bridge beams manufactured nearby, would use the interchange. Therefore, the roundabouts for this project had to be designed to accommodate those trucks.  The MDOT has stringent requirements for I-94 lanes to remain open as well as significant vertical grade differentials between closely spaced work zones and temporary travel lanes. Hence, the maintenance-of-traffic design for this project was complex. In addition, the DLZ team included several key subconsultants, so team coordination added a layer of complexity to the project as well.

The project was in compliance with AASHTO and MDOT standards, specifications, and provisions.




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Kalamazoo, Michigan