Mishawaka Avenue Bridge Reconstruction, Indiana

The Mishawaka Avenue Bridge project was a total reconstruction of the earth filled concrete arch bridge. The project also included restoring the structure to resemble the original bridge. The construction of the original bridge is from 1925 and rehabilitation from 1987. The bridge is a four-span structure with a clear roadway width of 30’- 0”.

The Mishawaka Avenue Bridge project also involved the construction of a 3-sided pedestrian tunnel under Mishawaka Avenue. This tunnel would serve as a connection of the bike/pedestrian facilities located north and south of the roadway. Arch strengthening, waterproofing of the existing arch, placement of grade beams, and pneumatically placed mortar to the underside of the arch are all part of the reconstruction. Additionally, new 10” reinforced concrete pavement replaced the current fill.

DLZ provided all aspects of construction inspection for St. Joseph County on this contract, including concrete and soils testing as well as record keeping, utilizing INDOT’s site manager software.


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Mishawaka, Indiana