Modern Roundabout Feasibility Study & Design Dublin Road/Brand Road

DLZ was contracted by the City of Dublin to perform a feasibility study for the Dublin Road/Brand Road intersection. This study investigated alternatives to address future traffic growth and anticipated congestion at the intersection (year 2025).  The existing “T” intersection of two-lane rural roads is currently under stop control, but the intersection meets signal warrants.  Therefore, both traffic signal and modern roundabout alternatives were developed and evaluated.

The study investigated the feasibility, costs, benefits and impacts of the two alternatives.  An evaluation matrix comparing the relevant advantages and disadvantages of each alternative was included in a report for consideration by the City. Because Dublin Road is designated as a scenic corridor, the roundabout design took into account aesthetic considerations, and a landscaping rendering was also prepared to assist City officials and residents in understanding what the roundabout would look like if constructed.

The resulting roundabout design would accommodate the peak hour projection of 2,400 entering vehicles at Level of Service A during both peak hours. DLZ completed construction and landscape plans and specifications for the selected roundabout.




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Dublin, Ohio