Mounds Dam in Anderson

The Anderson Corporation for Economic Development (ACED) commissioned DLZ Indiana to complete a preliminary planning-level study to evaluate the feasibility of constructing a dam on the West Fork of the White River in Anderson, Indiana for the primary purpose of economic development. Many issues and elements were investigated as part of this report.  They included environmental issues, stakeholder impacts/outreach, potential for flood control, potable water supply/yield, geotechnical issues, and existing bridge impacts.

Three alternatives were derived from this study and are presented as options for completing the proposed dam. The options are as follows:

Option 1:  Uncontrolled Spillway; Pool Elevation 870 feet

Option 2:  Uncontrolled Spillway; Pool Elevation 875 feet

Option 3:  Controlled/Gated Spillway; Pool Elevation 870 or 875 feet

Each option presents its own set of features, and challenges; however the information investigated in this report did not find any “fatal flaws” that would stop the project at this phase.  Therefore, the next phase of this project appears to be warranted from the analysis within the scope of this study.


Water Resources


Private Sector


Anderson, Indiana