Needs Assessment Study Mishawaka Utilities Water Division

Since the 1980s, DLZ has worked with Mishawaka on Water System Improvements. In 1998, 2005, and 2014, the City of Mishawaka retained DLZ to prepare an engineering feasibility study (subsequent updated) to identify water distribution system improvements, water supply, water treatment controls modernization, and facilities expansion. The intent of the water distribution phase of this project was to evaluate the existing system for maximum day demand, fire flow conditions, and future water demands. DLZ identified and prioritized distribution, supply, and treatment system improvements. Later, modeled proposed recommendations using WaterCAD to identify the potential benefits.

The Needs Assessment and subsequent updates also reviewed the Mishawaka water treatment plants and supply. The existing water treatment plants were evaluated, and the necessary renovations were determined.

In 2018, DLZ assisted the City in submitting the current Needs Assessment to the State Revolving Fund Loan Program. DLZ has designed three water treatment plants, five water storage facilities, four booster stations, and various water mains.




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