NEORSD Dugway East Interceptor Relief Sewer

The Dugway East Interceptor Relief Sewer (DEIRS) will provide wet weather relief conveyance capacity in the area of the existing Dugway East Interceptor (DEI) sewer in the cities of East Cleveland and Cleveland.  As part of the project, the large number of wet weather regulators that currently control combined sewer overflows (CSOs) to the East Branch of Dugway Brook will be reduced to four new centralized regulating structures.  Two of the regulating structures will also divert wet weather flow to the Dugway Storage Tunnel (DST).  With the DEIRS and DST in place, combined sewer overflows to Dugway Brook through permitted CSO 231 will be controlled to meet the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District’s Long Term CSO Control Plan goal of four or fewer CSO discharges in a typical year of rainfall.

The major facilities in the DEIRS project consist of:

  • Approximately 16,000 feet of relief sewers with diameters ranging from 24-inch to 78-inch
  • Modifications to 31 existing regulators
  • Relief sewers to convey flow from the existing interceptor and modified regulators to the DEIRS
  • Two diversion structures, DED-1 and DED-2, which direct CSO to either the storage tunnel or to the Dugway East Culvert during high storm flow conditions
  • Two new regulator structures, DER-1 and DER-2, that direct overflows to the Dugway East Culvert under high storm flow conditions
  • A new connection to the Easterly Interceptor (EI)




Local and State Governments


Cleveland, Ohio