Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath Bikeway and Reservation

DLZ assembled a project team to design a 10-foot wide bikeway with four pedestrian bridges. The new bikeway would be along 4.2 miles of the existing towpath adjacent to the Ohio and Erie Canal and a new park facility.  The project is located between East 49th Street, the Cuyahoga River, BP Transmission Plant, and American Steel and Wire Plant. This project also included the design of asphalt parking areas, park entrance roads, roadway drainage, water mains, and roadway lighting.

In addition to construction administration services, DLZ achieved bank stabilization along the canal slope and the bank of Cuyahoga River. In order to accomplish the stabilization, we used utilized a combination of conventional and bioengineering techniques. Extensive landscaping was performed along the length of the Ohio and Erie Canal bikeway, including trees, groundcover, signing, and benches.  The park also includes a new roadway, an all-purpose trail, boardwalk and overlook, picnic shelters, restrooms, parking facilities, and a visitor’s center.


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Cleveland, Ohio