OKI Freeway and Arterial Locations Traffic Data Collection

In 2015, DLZ conducted 72-hour machine volume and classification counts at 333 locations throughout the Cincinnati metropolitan planning organization’s jurisdiction. This involved collecting traffic volume data on key arterials and interstates throughout the OKI region, using state-of-the-art equipment.

DLZ submitted the traffic count data as follows:

  • Raw data files from the NC300s and Miovision processing
  • A summary sheet with the count station ID, ADT, AADT, peak-to-daily factor, and directional factor
  • Count data at 15-minute intervals for each class and summarized to 1-hour intervals
  • Count Quality Control checks
  • C-Card file conforming to ODOT standards at 15-minute reporting intervals
  • All pertinent files, named according to the OKI count station ID as requested

In 2018, OKI again selected DLZ’s data-collection team to collect 72-hour counts at 500 freeway and arterial locations throughout the region.




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