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Olive and Sample Street Road Reconstruction and Bridge Rehabilitation

South Bend, Indiana

DLZ was hired by the City of South Bend to provide a comprehensive range of surveying, geotechnical, environmental, and design services for the Olive/Sample Road and Bridge Reconstruction Project. The project involved replacing the existing concrete pavement along 6,000 feet of Olive Street and Sample Street alignment, as well as replacing the bridge deck on the Olive Street and Sample Street bridges over the Grand Trunk Western Railroad. The existing conventional intersection at Olive Street and Sample Street was replaced with a roundabout. Olive Street north and south of Sample Street was reduced from four to two lanes.

The use of a modern multi-lane roundabout to replace the existing signalized intersection on top of the existing railroad overpass, demonstrates a unique application of new technology. While not expected to be the solution for traffic backups during peak travel times, the roundabout is operating as expected and has relieved traffic congestion at the intersection.

The DLZ Team was tasked with developing a solution to eliminate an existing combined sewer along south Olive Street. Due to impracticalities with the existing drainage system, a sub-surface underground storage system was incorporated into the project, which overflows to the existing storm sewer system. The incorporation of a green underground infiltration system effectively extended the existing gravity drainage system while increasing the stormwater storage capacity.

DLZ performed the geotechnical engineering exploration for the new roadway alignment, and a proposed 16.5 foot high MSE retaining wall in the northwest quadrant of the South Olive Street and West Sample Street Intersection. Stability and settlement analyses were performed in accordance with AASHTO LRFD Specifications.