Hospital Demolition and Site Restoration for Porter Healthcare LLC

Porter Healthcare, LLC (Community Health Systems Professional Services Corporation) selected DLZ to prepare plans and specifications for their hospital demolition. DLZ was responsible for the demolition and asbestos abatement and environmental remediation of the project site. Also included in the project tasks were utility abandonment, utility relocation, backfill, compaction, and site restoration of their hospital. The hospital complex consists of multiple buildings containing over 425,000 square feet of hospital space. DLZ also consulted on facility decommissioning and land/property transfer. The main hospital building was a five-story structure. It was located adjacent to the Valparaiso University Campus and a residential neighborhood. As part of the project, DLZ developed protective measures to allow for the building to be demolished and the foundations removed while protecting the surrounding roads and an adjoining building. DLZ included provisions in the Contract Documents to maximize the recycling and reuse of the materials.

DLZ also provided full-time, on-site project representation services during the entire hospital demolition project. As part of these services, DLZ also coordinated with the Indiana Department of Environmental Management to help expedite the receipt of a “No Further Action” status in response to the removal of the five underground storage tanks located at the site.




Private Sector


Valparaiso, Indiana