Pulaski Park Improvements, Hammond, Indiana

The plans for the rejuvenation of a significant portion of Pulaski Park included, input sessions with Hammond 1st District representatives and the parks department. To begin with, DLZ conceptualized various plans and examined for the replacement of several outdated and failing park elements. These elements included the recreation building, grounds equipment garage, parking lot, playground, and tennis courts. Subsequently, DLZ provided budgetary costs and graphic illustrations to promote the selected conceptual design for the City’s full approval. Thus, the City of Hammond authorized DLZ to further develop detailed design plans and construction bid documents.

The new features well matched the existing park components and surrounding land uses and organized to create logical adjacency in the park. Also, the new design emphasized clarity of access, user security, and separation of pedestrian and vehicular traffic. In addition, the new park features also displayed unified design characteristics and sensitivity to the surrounding neighborhood context.

Finally, the newly renovated Pulaski Park features a recreation and community building, lighted tennis courts, multiple playground structures, lighted area for ice skating, parking lot, linkage to the park recreational pathway, skateboarding area, site drainage improvements, landscape plantings, park signage, lighting, and other related site utilities and park amenities.

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