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Roadway Improvements – Creative Campus Study

Columbus, Ohio

The City of Columbus is undertaking a project to upgrade the roadway, sidewalk, mobility, and aesthetic elements of the public right-of-way in the area of the Columbus College of Art and Design and Museum of Art designated as the Creative Campus.  The primary roadways involved are Gay Street, 9th Street and Washington Avenue in the area bounded by Cleveland Avenue, Long Street, Washington Avenue and Broad Street.  This phase of the project advances the Creative Campus concept to a Preliminary Engineering document stage that accomplishes the following for the study area:

  • Evaluate existing roadway and utility conditions
  • Develop cost-effective alternatives to implement roadway, streetscape, pedestrian/bicycle mobility, and, as necessary, utility improvements
  • Involve primary stakeholders and the area public
  • Build a consensus among the stakeholders (that have varying goals and views of what this project should accomplish)
  • Provide a scope of services for the development of design plans/final engineering