Indianapolis International Airport Roadway & Parking Lots Signage & Lighting

DLZ prepared construction documents for all roadway and parking lot lighting and signing packages at the new Indianapolis International Airport and provided bidding and construction administration services. DLZ was responsible for the design of lighting and signage for all surface parking lots that included employee and taxi/bus parking lots.

The project involved lighting system design for the entire roadway system surrounding the terminal and for all parking lots. This complex design had to be accomplished while coordinating with multiple consultants involved in the design of other airport infrastructure and utilities. Design of the HCC and LCC cabinets, voltage drop calculations, pole foundations and lighting spread constituted this design effort.

DLZ also designed the entire parking lot and roadway signage.  Parking lot signage also included the wayfinding signs, while the roadway signage included the complex overhead sign structures, ground mounted sign panels, foundation design and coordination to avoid existing infrastructure/utility conflicts.




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Indianapolis, Indiana