Sourek Trail Roadway Right-of-Way Acquisition

The City of Cuyahoga Falls hired DLZ, as part of our design contract, to also conduct right-of-way acquisition services for the improvements to the Sourek Trail roadway. This project slightly widened the pavement, created a curbed/closed drainage system in some sections to minimize ROW takes, and also installed a waterline on the eastern end of the project. This work required temporary and permanent takes from 12 parcels, 12 temporary takes, and one permanent (warranty deed) from the parcel at the corner of Sourek Trail and Sand Run Hill. This permanent take allowed for the extension of the waterline from the southern leg to the eastern leg, with construction at the parcel shown below.

DLZ conducted a variety of acquisition services, including title research, title updates, project management, negotiation, and closing. We were able to negotiate agreements with all the property owners and did not require any property appropriations. DLZ obtained a ROW clear date in November 2020, allowing for construction to begin over the winter.




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