South Bend Armed Forces Reserve Center, Renovation and Design

DLZ provided architectural and engineering design services for an 80,000 S.F. Addition/Alteration project. The project was at the South Bend Armed Forces Reserve Center (AFRC) for the Indiana Army National Guard. The scope of work included approximately 40,000 S.F. each of renovation and new construction, including a new Vehicle Maintenance Building. The building comprises Training Classrooms, Administrative Offices, a Tactical Operations Center, Kitchen, Break Room, Fitness Room, Locker Rooms, and Storage.

The South Bend Armed Forces Reserve Center project also includes a significant amount of site development on the 25-acre site, including parking and circulation, pervious pavements, military tactical vehicle storage, security fencing, Anti-terrorism Force Protection (ATFP) measures, bio-retention, grading, and coordination of stormwater drainage, landscape planting, irrigation, and site utilities. It also included significant upgrades of the existing mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems, as well as replacement of the roofing systems and improvements to the exterior envelope of the building. Sustainable and energy-efficient design features support the project’s LEED Silver design objective.

Additionally, this project for AFRC included off-site demolition of three buildings at an alternative site.  DLZ provided design services and demolition oversight for the demolition project as well.




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South Bend, Indiana